Oak by PrefabWeb™

Oak by PrefabWeb™ is a website that comes loaded with all the features needed to launch your website in record time and keep it healthy. Click to see a live demo.

The service includes a One Time Setup Fee ($1,950) and a Monthly Cloud Bundled Service ($85 a month). See details below in the description.

$85.00 / Months

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Oak PrefabWeb™

5 pages (Home, About, Services, FAQ, Contact).Click to see a live demo.

The Setup Fee covers the following services: We will replace all the demo text with your own text. We will replace any demo images that you want to replace with your own images (this is optional. You can keep the demo images if you want).

After purchasing the Setup Service with the Cloud Bundled Services, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete. It will ask you questions about your company and will walk you through the process of creating the content for your new website.

We will then either launch your website to an existing domain address you own or assist you in obtaining a new domain name.

Cloud Bundled Services

The Cloud Bundled Services are billed on a monthly basis and come with everything required to maintain a successful website, allowing you to concentrate solely on your business. Included are services like reliable, fast and secure hosting, installation and renewal of SSL certificates, daily monitoring, security updates and backups.

The security updates will shield your website from common internet threats and the backups act as an insurance policy that will enable us to quickly restore your website to working order in the event that anything were to happen to it.

Got Questions?

Our FAQ page can answer all other questions you might have.


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